It was time to make the move to my own domain. Thanks for all the good times wordpress. You’ll still be there in my new site 😉

Hope its not too much trouble to ask you to come on over to, see you there!

thanks nataliedee for this image


Here is one of the designs I did first year out of Uni; it is probably one of the few I still like! Click here to see the rest of the album artwork; inserts etc. What I enjoyed about this project was that I took it from start to finish. I shot the original photographs & created the designs & CD layouts.

My latest illustration; this is a custom work which is a gift to a famly with 3 children; their names are hidden in the branches of the tree. See it all

mr whale


Hello, its been a while since my last post. I’ve actually done several drawings but they are all a little unpolished to merit posting 🙂 Here is a little doodle which I coloured in photoshop. See it all here

she loves birds


This is a concept image for a girl who loves birds, birds birds everywhere & feathers too. See it all

koi design


The brief was: a ying yang made of Koi fish. See it all



Stage 2.                                                                Stage 1.